Local Attractions Near Morrisville, PA

Moving to Morrisville, PA?

Get ready for fun! Don't miss these fantastic shops and attractions just minutes from your apartment at Wellington Woods.

Old Barracks Museum
On December 25, 1776, George Washington and his army crossed the Delaware River and took the garrison at Trenton, winning one of the Revolutionary War's first decisive battles. See where it happened.

New Hope Winery
Dine, drink, enjoy live music or host your special event -- there's great wine and unforgettable atmosphere.

Located at 833 West Trenton Avenue in Morrisville, this grocery store is clean, comprehensive and easy-to-navigate.

Trenton Thunder
Yes, affordable family baseball still exists. And these guys will be New York Yankees one day, so catch 'em while they're young.

The best part about moving to Morrisville, PA is that you're so close to the action -- the pleasures of Bucks County are right around the corner, and there are plenty of transportation links to Trenton, Philadelphia and New York. Enjoy your new home!