5 Things to Know When Moving to Morrisville, PA

So you’re moving to Morrisville, PA—congrats! Your new life is just around the corner. Anyone who has moved before knows, however, that moving can be a stressful undertaking. From packing boxes to booking a mover, there are lots of tasks that must be accomplished before you can kick back and relax in your new living room. Here’s a guide to stress-free moving that will help make your upcoming transition a breeze:

1. Make your list—and check it twice!
Your move begins before you start packing the first box. The most successful moves start with a good plan. Buy a folder and keep everything related to your move inside the folder. It’s important to keep track of not only the big things, like movers and leases, but also the small things, like address change and mail forwarding forms. Organizing one centralized moving file will help you to keep your to-do list in perspective.

2. Choose a mover.
Choosing a moving company doesn’t have to be difficult. First, start by asking family and friends if they’ve had success with any moving companies in the area. The most reliable suggestion is one that comes from someone you know. Logging on to a consumer review site like Yelp or Angie’s List can also be a useful way of finding a mover. It is important to find a company that is insured and licensed in the state of Pennsylvania. Call around to several movers and compare price quotes.

3. Box it up.
The most important thing to keep in mind when packing is that, eventually, you will have to unpack. Keep this fact in mind when filling boxes. Start by grouping like items together and packing them in a single box. Label each box with its contents and the room where these contents will eventually be unpacked. It might be worthwhile to invest in quality packing materials. This will cost you money on the front end, but it’ll be worth it when you unpack and your goods are all intact.

4. To store or not to store?
Self-storage units can be very useful, especially when your move-out date and your move-in date don’t overlap. Book a storage unit and use it to store your possessions while you wait for your new apartment lease to begin. Storage units are also good for storing extra furniture while you decide upon a layout for your new place.

5. Don’t go hungry!
The worst thing that can happen when you’re moving is that you get hungry and cranky. Avoid this situation by planning your move-in meal ahead of time. Take a break from organizing and unpacking and order a hearty Italian meal from Café Antonio. To avoid hunger pangs, be sure to place your order before you're hungry, not when you're already famished.